Handwoven cotton and hemp, naturally-dyed, by ethnic minorities, from Vietnam


This little pouch is handmade from cotton and hemp fabric made from the Thai and the H’Mông ethnic minority respectively. The cotton string was naturally-dyed blue with the indigo plant and then woven with a so-called tapestry technique.

The pouch has one main compartment and a zip pocket to fit your make-up, passport, phone and more, as well as it features a carry strap.


The H’Mông and the Thai ethnic minority groups live in the northern mountainous areas of Vietnam and are known for their cotton weaving and hemp weaving skills. The Thai hereby work on a bigger standing loom whereas the H’Mông employ a backstrap loom.


The slight imperfections of the hand-woven fabric as well as the slightly different weaving patterns make each pouch unique.


Find also more information on cotton and hemp-making in our ´materials´ section.

Cosmetic Pouch

  • 22cm x 13,5cm x 7,5cm