Some fabrics as well as weaving techniques and patterns have become rare, yet some of the cloth is bought off for prices which do not at all reflect their value. We love to directly buy off the products from the craftmakers. While these products are invaluable and done with a great heart, there are also difficulties coming along in terms of stable production, quantities and pricing. We thus also work together with crafting collectives who can guarantee their craftmakers a stable income, as well as with workshops that closely work with minorities providing fabrics. Yet, each item remains unique and possesses its own little story. It is hard to imagine and sometimes heart-breaking to witness the time-honoured methods of making cotton, silk or hemp strings, natural dyeing and hand-woven/hand-knitted textiles.


Working together with different ethnic minorities, we hope we can support, in our own small way, to keep alive some of their ancient traditions and crafts while we indeed also enjoy using these products ourselves ;).